Love Clicking A Selfie? You Might Want To Be Careful If You Want To Avoid Selfie Accidents!


Remember the time when we used to click one picture a month? Nope. Yes, that is what the majority of us will answer. Because these days if you don’t click at least five selfies a day, you feel like something’s missing. Well to most of us this is not that big a problem since we know how to “survive” without clicking a single selfie a day. But there are some people who can’t even make it through breakfast before posing in front of it! Phew. So for all the selfie obsessed people out there, you better have a close look at this one. This is how selfies turned into selfie accidents, and it will make you cringe!

Here are 12 people whose selfies turned into tragic selfie accidents!

1. Selfie with a loaded gun? Oh god, please no!

This 21 year old boy decided to click a selfie. Instead he accidentally shot himself while clicking the selfie. I think we know that we aren’t supposed to play around with guns don’t we?

selfie accidents


2. Bike Riding is all fun and games till you decide to click a selfie!

Fashion Girl and Soly Arena, Ramon Gonzalez was a famous rapper with many hits to her name. She was riding her bike and decided to click a selfie for her fans. Next thing we know is she’s dead. Probably lost control of the bike and selfie turned into a tragic death.

selfie accidentsvia

3. Selfie on the roof of a train is not the wisest thing to do!

Selfie queen of the squad? But be careful. This Romanian selfie queen was so obsessed about getting the perfect selfie that this time she a went, well very very far. While trying to get a selfie on the roof of the train she accidentally touched a live wire. And she burnt alive and died after a few hours of the incident.

selfie accidentsvia 


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