Love Clicking A Selfie? You Might Want To Be Careful If You Want To Avoid Selfie Accidents!


4. River Selfie turns into one of the most tragic selfie accidents!

We get the excitement of going on college trips and the need of clicking a group selfie. But you need to be careful so that you can avoid such grievous mishaps. This group of 47 students went to river Beas for a college trip and were washed away by the river while clicking a selfie.

selfie accidents


5. Bridges always scare me, and now I’m scared even more!

Everybody clicks selfies on well known bridges, and each one of them wants a “out of reach” picture. This 17 year old teen Xenia Ignatyeva tried to do the same. She was trying to click a perfect selfie from a 28 feet high bridge and she slipped and fell to her death.

selfie accidentsvia

6. River selfies are a really bad idea I suppose!

This 13 year old, Karen Hernandez, just wanted a beautiful photograph. But, she slipped into the river while clicking the picture and drowned.

selfie accidentsvia 


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