Love Clicking A Selfie? You Might Want To Be Careful If You Want To Avoid Selfie Accidents!


7. Selfie and Facebook addiction together? Too fatal.

Selfie and Facebook addiction at the same time is very very dangerous. And Courtney Sandford was one such addict. She was posting a recently clicked selfie while driving when a truck hit her.

selfie accidents


8. Birthday girl drowns while clicking a selfie for her birthday bash.

18 birthday is supposed to be very special. But unfortunately, for Chezka Agas, she drowned while posing for a selfie in front of the wind turbine in Barangay Masikil, Phillipines.

selfie accidentsvia

9. Bride died on her way to her Bachelorette Party.

Weddings are supposed to be the most happy and memorable time of the bride’s life. But clicking a selfie turned the happiest time of her life into a death trap. Colette Monero was in the passenger seat clicking selfies with her bestie when the car collided into another vehicle.

selfie accidentsvia 


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