Love Clicking A Selfie? You Might Want To Be Careful If You Want To Avoid Selfie Accidents!


10. Bridge. Selfie. Bad Idea. 

Tourist Sylwia Rajchel was trying to click a selfie on a bridge from where she slipped and fell from a height of 15 feet. She was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately died on her way.

selfie accidents


11. This is by far the worst selfie accident ever!

Dying on your first date? That is the cruelest memory your partner has to go through for the rest of his life. Cheyenne Holloway and James Nichols were in long distance relationship. And this was the first time the two of them were meeting on the Notcliff hill. James wanted to click a selfie with his beloved during the sunset when Cheyenne slipped and fell off the cliff.

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12. Trains and selfie obsessions turn into most horrifying selfie accidents!

Three friends from India wanted to click a selfie in front of a running train to make their Facebook page interesting. But, they couldn’t judge the speed of the train and escape fast enough and died on the track.

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