12 Clothing Items Hand-Picked By Designers You Must Throw Away Immediately To Look 10 Years Younger. 


That dress which might have looked gorgeous on you 5 years ago, might add 10 extra years to your look now. As your body type changes, designers suggest that your preferences about clothing must also change to make you look younger and stylish.

Source: Brightside

1. Fishnet Stockings.

designers suggest clothing to look younger

Especially the ones with patterns are out of fashion now. Designers state those are only appropriate for fashion shows and photo shoots. In daily life, they look highly provocative and makes you age by 20 years.

2. Bat Sleeve Blouse.

designers suggest clothing to look younger

Although Batwoman would be comfortable in this, but it should not be in fashion anymore. Anyone with heavy body structure must avoid wearing this as the sleeve area makes their torso look like one large ‘blob’.

3. Potato Sack Clothing.

Younger generations are slowly rejecting this fashion statement but it’s still very much in fashion. Generally, these type of material are baggy in nature so it brings a total imbalance in the figure, also hiding the silhouettes.

4. Clothes Made From Textured/Exotic Fabrics.

designers suggest clothing to look youngerThis is obviously not the 90s and the clothing tastes of people have changed since then. Combining exotic styles have always been difficult and waste of money as they can’t be worn on daily basis.

5.  Rhinestones, Prints, and Other Decorations.

designers suggest clothing to look younger If you’re a fashion conscious person, you must already know how designers think of rhinestones and decorations. They tend to age the wearer and needless to say looks extremely tacky. Choose what makes you look younger.

6. Cute Prints and Slogans.

designers suggest clothing to look younger There’s an age for that. They are meant for younger people. Choose monochrome T-shirts instead, with necklines and minimalistic designs.

7. Earth-toned Clothes.

designers suggest clothing to look younger Some varieties of clothing are not universal. Gray-green, olive, dark yellow, pistachio, and brown are some colours which don’t suit everyone. These enhance the wrinkles and age the wearer.

8. Clothes Reminiscent of Sofa Upholstery and Curtain Material.

designers suggest clothing to look younger These are age-old fashion which some people are still clinging on to for no reason. This type of clothing hampers the whole appearance and make you look belonging to that age.

9. Extra-Warm Voluminous Hats.

designers suggest clothing to look younger Style and comfort both can be balanced if you choose the right clothing. Designers strictly don’t approve of massive hats with decorations all over.

10. Necklaces with Pearls or Massive Stones.

designers suggest clothing to look younger If you have to look younger, you have to leave back the trends our grandparents used to follow. Discard huge pearl necklaces and opt for statement necklaces.

11. Incorrect Choice of Business Suits.

designers suggest clothing to look younger Remember monochrome, shapeless suits have been out of fashion for long now. To look confident and younger choose figure-enhancing clothing items.

12.  Clothes with Numerous Decorations.

designers suggest clothing to look younger Too cluttered decorations, spoils the classic feel of a clothing. Designers suggest to go for basic, plain looks to bring out your elegance.


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