These Comics Perfectly Show How Moms And Dads Are Treated Differently In The Society. Why Are We So Biased?


5. And when the mom answers “kids are with dad” and you hear lines like “Awww! isn’t that good of him to babysit?” 

comics show moms and dads

Do I have only one job?

comics show moms and dads

Comics source: Babble

We are so quick to judge moms and we often forget that they manage all the things at home and take care of the kids. Their world doesn’t always have to revolve around their children. They are seen as the primary caregivers and put under much more scrutiny. This isn’t fair as a parent as It’s putting too much pressure on them while also insulting dads by showing that they are incapable of doing certain things. Sometimes even dads are misunderstood by other people by getting the tag of a careless or a very strict father. But you can’t deny the fact that a bare minimum from dads wins much praise from the society.

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