12 Cool Guidelines for Grown Up Teenagers Which Can Change Their Life


It seems to be the ever first post where Sarcasmlol.com is trying to give some cool guidelines for teenagers to become successful and happy individuals.

Loving yourself is just not an art but loving everyone surely is an art. You need to help people sometimes and sometimes just make your own way quietly to succeed in life. Some may say wrong things to you while some may protect you from the struggles and sh!ts that life gives. It is important for you, being a grown up teen to understand that life is not a place to ruin the chance to live at fullest. I mean, smoking we3d and drinking a lot of alcohol or sleeping with and numerous chicks/guys is not something to be proud about. Be proud to show the world that you are SOMETHING and WORTH being praised because life must be LIVED, not RUINED. 

Here are 12 cool guidelines which can actually help you out in your life to be a good child, a proud, successful and lovely boyfriend/girlfriend.

Well, these guidelines are universal and can too go on girls but here I have supposed that the reader is a guy. No doubt females too worth everything. 


12 Cool Guidelines that Every Grown-Up Teen Must Understand and Follow in his/her Life: 

1. Revenge is the Solution but not by Words but by Hard Work

Cool Guidelines for Grown Up Teenagers
Writing Credit: Sameksha Arora

If somebody downs you, you might be willing to give him/her a punch but what could be good than an invisible punch on the face when you down him with your hard work? I bet that will make the ass3s quiet for a long time. 

2. Work Hard Because there’s No Alternative

Cool Guidelines for Grown Up Teenagers
Writing Credit: Sameksha Arora

Don’t take it otherwise but why not just as a motivation? You have to be successful in order to have a better life. That’s it. Full Stop. The End!!

3. Listen and Accept

Writing Credit: Sameksha Arora
Writing Credit: Sameksha Arora

You probably won’t wish to make the mistakes that some elder ever made in past and ruined the life isn’t it? Acceptance to understand that if you’ll go further near the fire then it will definitely burn you. That’s a fact which is proven by the experience of the elders. STOP RUINING THE DAMN LIFE!


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