Ever Heard A Court Order To Drop Acid In Criminal’s Eyes? Here Are 7 Countries With Strictest Laws Around The Globe


4- Adultery Equals Stoning – But For Women, It’s More Brutal – Iran

If two people are caught committing adultery then the punishment is stoning. The woman is buried in the ground till neck and is then stoned. If she somehow survives stoning then she must serve a lifetime imprisonment.

While for men it’s quite easy. The man is buried in the ground up to the waist and is then stoned. If he confesses and manages to escape then he is set free.

Countries With Strictest Laws


5- An Eye For Eye Literally – Saudi Arabia.

A 27-year-old man, when rejected by a girl, threw acid on her. This acid attack made the girl blind. The Saudi Arabian court ordered that the drops of hydrochloric acid be put into the man’s eyes.

Countries With Strictest Laws


6- Illegal To Pee In Elevators Or Not Flushing After Using Washrooms – Singapore.

The elevators in Singapore have Urine Detector Systems. These systems detect the urine with the help of urine odor. When it detects urine, the alarm gets on and the doors are locked till the cops arrive. You can also be fined for not flushing public toilets. They do not have detection systems but people tend to check. If found guilty this may land you to pay a huge fine- up to $150.

Countries With Strictest Laws


7- Playing or Keeping Pets At Home Is Punishable By 74 Lashes – Iraq.

According to Islamic culture, anyone playing and keeping pets violates Islamic culture and also hygiene and peace of others, especially women and children. Dogs are considered ritually unclean. If found guilty you’ll be punished by 74 lashes.

countries with strict laws



Image Source: dailymail.co.uk



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