These Couples Gave Their Child Up For Adoption And It’s Really Sad!


Having a baby is all a couple wishes fo I guess, well, at least I do. But, some parents think that having babies is too much of a burden and so they decide to give the child up for adoption. As heartless is sounds, I don’t know how do people give up on their children so easy?

These couples share the heartbreaking reasons for giving their child up for adoption!

1. Okay, so just because she abandoned your child that means that you will too?

couples gave up their child for adoption

2. Well, you are kind of right. But how can you live with that?

3. Honestly, you should have been more careful and thought about it before having the baby.

4. Yeah, right. You don’t even deserve to be the father.

5. Make her understand. I mean why do people have kids if they can’t handle the “stress”?


7. Then take the God damn baby!

8. Honestly, people like you don’t deserve to have kids.

9. Then why didn’t you people just get an abortion done?

10. Wow dude, way to go!

11. I hope, they understand you. But, honestly, I would never want to meet the people who could mess around but not handle the responsibility.

12. Why did you give her up if you didn’t want to?

13. Honestly, leave her.

14. I just don’t how do these mothers live with themselves?

15. You’re just as cruel as one can get. Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself.

16. Wow, that is just great, glad you dumped her.

17. Aww, maybe it is your son, why don’t you go and find out about him?

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18. I mean, why did she even have the baby in the first place?

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19. I hope she doesn’t.


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