Craziest Incidents That Happened Inside Airplanes


2. This is the second incident that happened with United Airlines again.

In March 2017, United Airlines did not allow three female passengers to board the flight because they were wearing leggings. The incident took place at the time of boarding for a plane which was headed to Minneapolis from Denver. These things were never restricted by the United Airlines in their rule book but anyhow they did this act.

Again, the Airlines part of the explanation:

This time they were rude instead and didn’t apologize for heir rude behavior and rather slumped their market value even more.

3. The safety instruction rapper.


He rapped the safety instructions to all the passengers and with all the talents he has he quite likely entertained all the passengers.

4. Founder of an Airline became Air Hostess!



The billionaire founder of Virgin Atlantic, Richard Branson became the flight attendant of AirAsia in May 2011 after losing the bet from Tony Fernandes, founder of AirAsia. This would really be embarrassing but still, a bet is a bet. 


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