Craziest Toilet Designs That Are Surely Gonna Make You Cringe!


Public toilets are one of the basic requirements of the state, given that they are clean and easily accessible. But it isn’t always what it is supposed to be, toilets around the world can be really, well, I’m at a loss of words for it. But, you should definitely see these craziest toilet designs from around the world that will make you want to dodge the nature’s call!

These craziest toilet designs from around the world are something you should definitely see!

1. This is what a Chinese public toilet looks like. Seriously, has nobody heard about the term privacy? The least one deserves is some privacy in the toilets at least!
craziest toilet designs2. This is how toilets in the Netherlands look like, well at least they have some privacy to pee in peace.
craziest toilet designs3. This may look mainstream to you, but let me tell you, this is an average public toilet it Dubai. With well equipped modern toilet facilities and proper lighting this deserves a visit.
craziest toilet designs4. Okay, not all public toilets are bad, especially if you’re visiting the USA. This is how a public toilet looks like there.
5. For some weird reason, the urinals in Iceland have faces printed on them. Target practice maybe?
craziest toilet designs6. Qatar, one cannot simply deny how modern and advanced when it comes to serving the public. They provide one of the cleanest toilets in the world.
7. This is how a public toilet in the Chinese village looks like. Much better than the ones in the city, don’t you think?
8. Africa, well, this is how a public toilet looks like in an African village. I would definitely not want to visit one.
9. Japan, the country that is at its top with everything they do. This is how a Japanese public toilet looks like. Beautiful isn’t it?

10. Speak of vandalism, this is a public toilet in Switzerland, the natives took the liberty of painting the toilet in their own style!
11. The public toilet in Kenya looks like this. Don’t expect it to be clean either!


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