25 Insane Death Facts You Bet You Didn’t Know Before


25 Death Facts That Will Screw Your Mind

Life is a cherishing thing while death is a bitter truth. There are many myths about life after death. Some have belief in heaven and all. Anyways this is not the point here. You see there are lakhs of people who die every day  for some reason or the other and lakhs is a pretty big number. Though you may not believe the cause of certain deaths. In a survey these facts came out. Not everyone knows about these death facts.

Here are 25 death facts you probably didn’t know about:

1- Yeah! It’s True.

death facts


2- Yes, The Pain Might Be Unimaginable, Though Those Charged With Penalty Are Criminals, It Might Be Like Suffering And Suffering Till You Die. And Here My Brain Bursts Out Of The Pain Caused By Over Cut finger nail. Just For Information, Sudan Is a Country In The Northeast Africa.


death facts


3- Now, There, Really WTF..! Imagine The Number Of Deaths, Only Due To Air Pollution..!


death facts


4- Well, The Survey Defines It All. Maybe Because The Number Of Righ Handed People Are More. But A Fact Is A Fact.


death facts


5- This One Applies For People Of Coastal Areas.


death facts


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