12 Crazy Real Life Stories We Shared With Our Friends


Friendships are special. Each relationship has a unique set of real life stories and we are glad that we could enjoy them with a bunch of friends. They rightly say that if you have the same friends in all walks of your life – you are very lucky! A friendship that lasts more than 7 years, lasts a life. The experiences make them a tad more enjoyable. There is nothing like gulping half a dozen beers and sharing the craziest real life stories we have been through with each other. True friendships never run out of stories.

This Friendship Day, I list down 12 of the craziest Real Life Stories that I have lived with my friends. Rest assured, few of them might just crack you up. We cannot guarantee that laws were not broken during some of them but the memories will last 100 years is something I can assure you of!

Here are some Real Life Stories We Shared With Our Friends:

  1. Illegal Street Racing

It was one of those nights when you plan to go out for a long drive to have some “food”, zipping through the streets of Delhi. In a Suzuki Swift, we were being looked down upon by a bunch of rich kids through their Mercedes C-Class. Admitted, our car didn’t have the oomph to beat a Merc but no one knows traffic in Delhi like we do. Then begins the street racing and as much weird as it may sound, two completely polarized pieces of automobile machinery started to race. But as I said, traffic can only be pierced through and not skipped – they were beaten!

Real Life Stories with friends
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We – all guys from the two cars – shared a meal after the “race”! It was a great night!

2. Being Chased by Cops

College Days never cease to amaze you. You don’t have enough money to buy fuel, much less to buy a helmet. Delhi has strict laws – the rider and the passenger need to wear helmets. Sadly enough, I didn’t have two. What I did have was a brand new Pulsar 180 though! So my friend starts to ride and I start to sink as low as possible, just to not get caught by the cops. The helmet was not the only problem that night. My friend jumped a signal and the cop started to chase us. Our naivety resulted in us being ignorant of the fact that the Police Department also has better bikes now – a Pulsar 180 at that. He would have been a better rider than us as he chased us successfully.

Real Life Stories with friends
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It was a long night, to say the least!

3. Watching a Film an Hour Before Final Exam

Who cares about Communication Skills exam in college? We didn’t. Especially because Fast & Furious 5 had just released and we had some economy tickets available. No points for guessing, we watched the film successfully – the exam, not so much!

Real Life Stories with friends
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