12 Crazy Real Life Stories We Shared With Our Friends


4. Dancing in Road Side Wedding Functions

This was absolutely crazy. Delhi witnesses a lot of marriages in the months of November and we also happened to pass by a roadside dancing ceremony from one of the many marriages. We did something different. We stepped out to enjoy it by being part of the dancing parade.

That night we danced like it was one of us who was getting hitched.

Real Life Stories with friends
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Some Night!

5. Teasing the Hell out of Teachers

“Either the 3 of you remain in this class or I do.”

Ever received this treat from your lecturer? Well, we did!

Real Life Stories with friends
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6. Getting Caught with Weed in Exam Hall

I swear I am telling the truth with this one. Normally, a flying squad catches students with chits and stuff. Not us. I simply could not believe that one of us was caught with a pouch of weed in his pocket. Since it wasn’t an answer to any question, even the invigilators were in a fix for some time – before expelling him from continuing with his paper.

Real Life Stories with friends
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Poor fella!


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