14 Crazy Things Moms Have Done Due To Sleep Deprivation!


Enjoying a sound sleep without getting distracted for 7 hours until the sun rises is something every new parent crave for. Parents with sleep deprivation feel they are turning into Zombies – deferring as a life sentence. They always feel frustrated and baffled and end up doing really crazy things. Surely, newborn babies carry out the funniest things; but for every new parent, their babies are instead forcing moms to carry out funny and crazy things due to sleep deprivation.

Exhausted moms with sleep deprivation will hit the sheets anywhere and everywhere – like sleeping on the job, blowing their meetings with petty acts, developing a really bad memory, forgetting things in the most laughable manner and so on are few puny instances of the ludicrous behaviour done by lethargic mums.

Here are some of the feather-brained, most favoured and bizarre acts confessed by moms out of sleep deprivation. Find out how parents never fall short of sharing humorous tales of their crazy things to tell you.


1. Hearing my baby cry, I woke up in the middle of the night to pat baby’s bum I suddenly realised that the bums size was not a baby. I then found to my awe that I was actually patting my husband’s bum.


2. Insufficient sleep compelled me to brush my teeth with hand wash instead of toothpaste when I mistakenly applied Handwash on my toothbrush. 

Sleep deprivation can really make you do crazy things.


3. Astonished with my stupidity, I realised that I wasted around 20 minutes trying to open my front door employing my car keys when a passer-by came for the help and made me realise how lame act I was performing since past 20 minutes.

Well, moms are really funny at times :p



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