14 Crazy Things Moms Have Done Due To Sleep Deprivation!


4. Woke up in the middle of the night hearing my babies wail, I started swaying taking it in my arms. Was I really swinging baby in my arms? No, not really! I was amazed to see the kitten in my arms mistaking it as the baby.


5. When I was gawked by the passer-by after dropping my baby at a daycare, I was unable to find the reason why the heck they were watching me. And then I was stricken by an awe when I noticed that I didn’t have my pants on!


6. Upon inviting neighbours for a pretty good coffee time – to my bewilderment, I noticed that I have prepared coffee without coffee beans and to my utter surprise only after the third sip I realised I have served the guest just hot water without coffee grinds.



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