Crazy Things That Only Happen In China And We Are Thankful For It!


China, the land where you’d probably have to adjust almost everywhere. Not only does the Country have a massive population but they are really unique or rather weird with their lifestyle, eating habits and traditions. But, some of these things are so crazy that the tourists stand really astounded, what are these? Let’s find out!

China is a land of craziness and these pictures are proof of it!

1. People are so exhausted working all the time, that they fall asleep almost anywhere.China

2. Having really sharp canines are a trend there and those who don’t have them naturally get them done from the dentist.
3. The pollution level there is so high that masks have become an accessory for the people.
4. They have there own set of traffic rules which are too difficult for the tourists to understand!
5. The Europeans feel really special there because the Chinese people are crazy about them.
6. But, if they see a blue-eyed blonde on the streets, this is their usual reaction. They find them really beautiful and unique.

7. Being a fan of beans, pea ice cream and other bean products are really common there.

8. Talk about their wide range of exotic foods. Would you like to have some?

9. They believe that water is the cure for everything and so they carry a thermos with hot water at all times.

10. The master of fake products, if you can’t afford the original ones there is always a Chinese copy of it.

11. Exercise in open groups is really common there and is what keeps them fit and active.

12. You don’t need to book a spa for a relaxing massage, you can even get them on the streets.

13. The barbers there can be really creative, whatever you want he’ll get it done for you.

14. Carrying fishes in your clavicles to prove how skinny you are is as weird as it can get! 15. You don’t have to worry about comfort and luxury because you’ll get none. You can even board trains without a ticket even for long distance journeys.
16. Here is another example to give you an idea about how populated the country is, this is a water resort in China!

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