Check These Cringe-Worthy Wedding Day Pictures Out.


Your wedding day is arguably one of the most important days of your life. It’s basically recorded like a goddamn historical event and in our age, nothing is hidden. Many things could go wrong at a wedding such as these.

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1. How Many Bucks Would You Like To Bet That This Wedding Day Took Place In Russia? 

Wedding day cringe-worthy


What happens on the wedding day, stays on the wedding day.

2. When The Whole Wedding Planning Takes A Huge Chunk Out Of Your Budget.

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia 

And you’re forced to hire your cringe-worthy friends as strippers instead.

3. Last Moment Preparations On Your Wedding Day Can Be Very Cringe-Worthy Indeed. 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia 

Human hair can be such a hassle.

4. What A Perfect Destination Wedding Picture! Oh, Wait. What? 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia 

What the hell is that guy even doing?

5. It Looks This Is A Drunken Shotgun Wedding And The Bride Has Started To Sober Up. 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia 

Wait what? Who are you? What are you doing? Stop!

6. It’s All Fun And Games Launching The Groom In The Air On His Wedding Day Until He Gets Launched Right Through The Ceiling. 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia 

Any more cringeworthy photos of people swinging from the chandelier or anything?

7. Aww Man. What The Hell Is Wrong With You People? Someone Give Him A Beer Or Something! 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia 

Freaking savages.

8. Wait Is This A Lesbian Wedding? I’ve Always Wanted To Attend One. 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia

Purely for the mere experience of course

9. I Don’t Like Your Dress, Stephanie. I’m Gonna Prove My Point By Pissing All Over It. 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia

Is the black doggo doing the same thing with the groom? I guess they’re both marking their respective territories.

10. Oh Dad. Nooooo! 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia

You ruined my wedding day!

11. Hahaha, What? 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia

That’s such a cringe-worthy picture!

12. Straight Outta The Tanning Saloon. 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia

That’s a really cringe-worthy wedding picture.

13. Oh, Look! These Guys Are Already Having An Orgy! 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia 

This wedding day looks lit to me!

14. Look, Jerry! I’m Getting It On Hours Before You And I Don’t Even Have To Get Married For It. Who’s A Good Boy Now Jerry? 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia 

Those dogs don’t give a fuck!

15. Hold Up. What The Hell Is Going On Here? 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia

This is an actual wedding picture, right?

16. She’s In Heat. 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia

And he’s just hungry.

17. She Wasn’t In On This Right? Right? 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia

This photograph is so cringe-worthy!

18. Okay! That’s It. I’m Out. 

Wedding day cringe-worthyvia

No more, please!


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