12 CringeWorthy Customer Complaints. These People Are Dumb AF!


Let’s just admit that a customer is not always right, they can be dumb too. Check these cringe-worthy customer complaints people have made and promise yourself that you’ll never behave this way.

1. This Customer Is CringeWorthy. 

Cringe worthy customer complaints


“Brought out chicken parmesan to a lady at the restaurant I work at. The lady takes a bite and asks if it’s really chicken in the chicken parmesan, I say of course it is. She immediately breaks down crying because she’s a vegetarian and asks to see a manager.”

2. Customer Complaints Are Never This CringeWorthy. 

Cringe Worthy Customer complaints


“A guy accused me of harassing him because I kicked him out of the store after the third time he stole from us. He then called the cops…”

3. You What Mate? 

Cringe Worthy Customer complaints


“This food is too hot. I’d like it replaced with cooler food.” 


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