These Are The Real Daily Struggles People Face Due To Acne!


Acne is really a very big problem. And please, spare me the teenage hormone stories, I don’t think people even have the slightest idea of how it feels. And, let me give you a hint, it is really bad. You wake up, and the first thing you don’t want to see is your face covered in acne. And, honestly, I think this is what irritates us the most. But, you know what is the worst of them all? People telling you that your face looks awful, well, hello!  I know that okay? My mirror tells me that every day, these are probably the most relatable and real daily struggles the people face due to acne.

Acne is really horrible, and these confessions really explain the real daily struggles of people.

1. You know people, just so you know, I don’t pretty much enjoy having these acnes. But really there’s absolutely no need for you to make fun of me!real daily struggles with acne

2. You know buddy, no one is allowed to judge you, you can use and do whatever it is that works for you. And you don’t owe anybody any god damn explanation for this.real daily struggles with acne

3. I really know some friends who are struggling the way you struggle, but I’m hoping that you really find help and do better. 

4. Now, all those who were saying this is a sign of “you getting into your teens” okay so now tell me, what about this one?

5.6. What the hell? Good god, don’t you have the slightest bit of mercy? Why do you even create acne when all they do is cause pain both mentally and physically. real daily struggles with acne7. Whoa! Please have mercy lord. Don’t make it hurt that bad!real daily struggles with acne

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8. You know, I don’t know why, but it makes me want to strangle everybody with an acne clear face.

real daily struggles with acne

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9. Oh, really? I mean, you actually are that dumb enough to think that it hadn’t occurred to me that I wash my face to make it go away?!real daily struggles with acnesource

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