The Darkest and Awesome Moments Of The Dark Knight.


4.An Old And Retired Batman Gets a Smackdown.

the dark knight



“What if Batman got old?”.The Dark Knight Returns  explores what happens when an aging Bruce Wayne is called back into action and confronts new and old enemies in his quest to save Gotham. One of those new enemies was the leader of the Mutant Gang, a hulking powerhouse with all the speed, stamina, and strength of Batman in his prime. When batman has to fight him he gets a beatdown of his life and is forced to retreat.

5. Thomas Wayne And Martha Wayne as Batman and Joker In An Alternate Timeline.the dark knight via

The flashpoint paradox was created by Barry “The Flash” Allen when he altered the timeline to save his mother. This truggers an alternate timeline where Bruce is killed on the night of his parents death instead and Martha goes insane with grief becoming the joker and Thomas Wayne takes up the mantle of The Batman.

6. Leaving An Assassin To Starve.

KGBeast is another crazy obscure character. He was sent by the Soviet Union to take out high ranking US officials. Until the Bat enters the equation.Having the crap beaten out of him by KGBeast, Bats eventually lures him into the sewers for one last confrontation, but, Bat being Bat, he locks him in a room and straight up walks off to starve.


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