The Dark Side of The Modern Society Perfectly Shown in These Pictures


4. The highway of your mind

Before you decide what path to choose, just remember that only YOU have the power to make up your own mind. Pick your own road and decide where you want your life to take you.

Dark side, modern society

5. Born a genius

It’s wildly interesting to think of how much potential one baby can hold. It’s also amazing to think of what children learn from the world around them and how we each do our part of shaping reality at the same time.

Dark side, modern society
6. Tip of the iceberg

You can definitely get more out of your brain by being conscientious of what you put into it. Don’t forget to be your brain’s best friend, because someone has to look out for it. The dark side is, ww forget to do that.

Dark side, modern society                                    


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