These People Dated Their Family Members And Lived To Tell Its Tale!


The world is indeed a small place, and honestly, you can never know who has a relationship with you. But, the worst case scenario is well you sleep with someone only to find out later that he is a family member of yours. Well, these people have dated their family members and the rest they say is history!

Be very very careful before you sleep with anyone, they may turn out to be your family members!

1. Well, this is not something you should have done in the first place!

2. Oh, wow, some desperate backstabbing sister you are!dated their family members

3. Have you heard about conscience? You should try it sometimes.

4. Yeah, or he’s a complete asshole.

5. Um, this may be right, but I don’t know how would I feel about it!

6. Way to go, brother, you went a step ahead and dated plus slept with her!

7. How can somebody be so insensitive towards their own sister?

8. You should definitely move out with him because both of you deserve to be together in hell.

9. You don’t deserve her forgiveness. Trust me.

10. And you are definitely the biggest jerk of a brother ever!

11. That is just great!

12. You should stop doing this. There are probably a million of girls out there who you could date.

13. WOW!!

14. Well, well, that is just great!

15. You should literally be ashamed of yourself!

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16.  I don’t know how can people do such things!

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17. Why the fuck did you date him in the first place?

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18. Yeah, bitch! Duh!

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19. Now, no comments on that!

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20. Way to go!


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