Why The Demise Of Razak Khan Too Will Be Forgotten!


One of the better comedians of yesteryears – Razak Khan passed yesterday, which indeed is a thick loss to our Hindi Film Industry.

The fact, though, remains that this departure shall only be mourned for a day (a couple), at best. At the behest of the self-proclaimed “Social Media Police”, we fans will pretend that we care about the loss, but will forget in a week. This doesn’t change the fact that comedians in this country are receiving a pathetic treatment.

Every once in a while news pops up that the legendary Kader Khan has passed away. To the sheer luck of us viewers, it turns out to be the hoax and we take a deep breath, thank God and pray that the inevitable gets stalled for as long as it could.

Razak Khan

The question still remains the same, though. Why are we in such a mess when it comes to comedians?

It is now we are shedding crocodile tears but none of us was anywhere to be found once comedians like Razak Khan stopped to get noticed. Barring a few minor roles here and there, can we recall the last role he played in a major blockbuster? Even directors like David Dhawan and Priyadarshan who were once pretty active in making comedy films have confined themselves to only making one movie, that too in a couple of years. Can we turn a blind eye to the fate that these comics meet after so much hard work they put in to bring a smile to our faces?

What is more painful is the sheer negligence on the part of our beloved Bollywood fraternity. Except for a few, we will never get any major celebrity to come forward and assist Razak’s family. This disgraceful act is repeated after such tragic losses, every time – but never does a “Star” come forward and share his thoughts, even for the sake of it, with fans and media.

The least that we can do is appreciate the talents around us, as much as possible. For social media can act as a boon for those struggling.

Lest we forget!


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