Desperate Signs Which Show Why You Need To Ditch Your Relationship.


No relationship is perfect, no matter how much you dream about having a fairytale relationship, it just won’t be that easy. There’ll be happy times, and then there’ll be times when you just don’t know whether you should be putting efforts or just giving up. But, you certainly need to know when you should just let go instead of holding on, and looking out for these desperate signs can surely help you.

You need to look out for these desperate signs to know that it’s time to ditch your relationship.

1. You feel like you’re walking on eggshells.

If you have to constantly think hundred of times before you do something that might annoy your partner. Then you really need to start looking into this more seriously.

2. Your family and friends can sense the tension between you two.

We may not often sense that something’s wrong with both of us because we love the other person too much to notice. But, our friends and family can definitely see what’s wrong, and when they begin to point it out, you know it’s time.

3. You feel like you’re the only one who’s putting efforts.

No relationship can survive if two people are not willing to put in their share of efforts. But if you constantly feel like you’re the only person who’s actually putting in the efforts then you should really call it quits.

4. You are desperately clinging on to old happy memories.

If the only reason that you’re with your partner is that you used to have such a good time together, but none of that happens in the present. Do not cling on to the old memories, instead, let go of this toxicity.

5. You feel like you’re suffocating.

A relationship should be like the breath of fresh air and not something that is constantly suffocating you all the time. So, if you feel like you’re not being appreciated enough in a relationship, it is time to end it.

6. Your partner constantly disrespects you.

Your partner should be the one who supports you no matter what, you shouldn’t constantly have to worry about being on your best self 24*7. But, if he still disrespects you despite all your efforts, then it is time for you to let go.

7. You don’t like to spend time with him at all.

Desperate signs

Not wanting to spend time with your partner is definitely one of the major signs that tell you that this relationship has come to an end.

8. He/she shows signs of violence.

Desperate signs

Couples have arguments, that is normal. What’s not normal is somebody trying to be violent towards you, physically or verbally.

9. They are always jealous of your success.

Desperate signs

If somebody truly loves you they will encourage you no matter what you do, and if you succeed in achieving your dreams and goals, they’ll be happy for you and definitely not be jealous of your success.

10. They insist on keeping the relationship a secret.

Desperate signs

If either of you feels ashamed to show your partner to the world, then I’m certainly sure that you don’t even want to be with them in the first place. So, it’s better that you be with someone who makes you happy rather than being with someone whom you have to hide.


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