Desperate Things That People Did To Grab Their Ex’s Attention.


We have all had crazy exes at some point in our lives and quite honestly it makes us feel like we wish we never met them. But, some people don’t realize when they should just stop trying to make things worse and move on with their lives. Instead, these people did some seriously desperate things to grab their ex’s attention and some of them are really scary!

These people crossed all limits and did some extremely desperate things to grab their ex’s attention.

1. Okay, that’s really just proving how right the breakup was. Honestly, this is the worst way to grab your ex’s attention.
desperate things

2. You should definitely inform somebody about it, you’re not with him anymore and you absolutely have the right to move on with somebody who’s better for you.
desperate things
3. I don’t get this jealous game, why did they have to let you slip away if they want to be with you.
desperate things4. And, you don’t think that this is something that you should inform him and the police about? Honestly, you’re dangerously walking a fine line here.
desperate things
5. Drama queen, people need to realize when something’s over and let the other person live their lives peacefully, if it was really meant to be it wouldn’t have fallen apart.
desperate things
6. And you should definitely do one more thing, file a complaint against him.

7. Wow, that is some desperate attention seeking sick mentality technique. You should really be ashamed of yourself.

8. If you’re that desperate to get her back you should never have let her go.

9. Oh my God, that is all levels of crazy. I mean that has got to be the most insane thing somebody has ever shared.

10. Dogs have the capability to understand who’s good and who’s bad, and here are the results!


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