Different Types of Kiss Has A Different Meaning And Here’s What Each Means!


A kiss may be a really tiny word but has a ton of emotions, it is a way of showing anybody how much we adore them. Well, this may sound weird, but did you different types of kiss had a different meaning? Well, here’s what each of them means!

Have a look at what different types of kiss means and you’ll know when it happens to you!

1. The forehead kiss.

This may be a friendly kiss or a kiss of romantic affection. But it is based on the admiration a person has for the person whom he is giving the forehead kiss.

types of kiss

2. Kissing on the hand.

This is probably the most chivalrous way of showing passion and affection towards someone.

3. Eskimo kiss.

In really cold countries couple show each other affection by rubbing their noses against each other. Well, this kiss definitely means affection usually given to those really younger to us or our partners.

4. French Kiss.

The most common type of kiss that couples do, it involves a lot of tongue playing and you’d have to be absolutely sure that your partner likes it too!

5. Earlobe kisses.

This is one of the most romantic kisses between lovers targeted to turn them on usually.

types of kiss

6. Butterfly kiss.

When two couples come really close to each other such that their eyelashes touch each other as well, this kiss is called a butterfly kiss. Couples deeply infatuated or madly in love with each other do this.

types of kiss

7. Lingering kiss.

Kissing somebody on the lips for a prolonged time or withing minute intervals is called a lingering kiss. Usually, the couples new in a relationship perform this kiss.

types of kiss

8. Cheek kiss.

We’ve always had this kind of kisses from our friends and family. It is usually a small peck on the cheek to show affection.

types of kiss

9. Leave a mark kiss.

A playful gesture among the couples who are in love, the girl leaves a lipstick mark on her partner’s lips, neck.

10. Secret message kiss.

For couples who are really close to each other send each other erotic messages encoded in French kisses.

11. The Jaw Kiss.

This is the beginning of something sensual that usually lasts into more than just a kiss. This happens when your partner holds and kisses your jaw by pulling you closer to him or her.

12. The big tease.

This is a kiss that happens in bed when your partner starts kissing you starting from the forehead and keeps on exploring your entire body.


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