8 Disgusting Things You Never Want To See In Your Food! #7 Will Make You Puke!


7. Condom In a Hamburger.

The accused party was Burger King. In 2007, Van Miguel Hartless, a student from Green Mountain College in Vermont claimed that he took three bites of the burger and then he felt something sticky in his mouth and on looking closer to food, he found it to be a what looked like ‘Condom’. When the Burger King inspected on the issue they filed countersue, but later both the parties agreed for out of the court settlement.

Disgusting Objects You Never Want To See In food

8. Dead Bat In Cereal.

The 17-year-old ‘screamed the house down’ when she spotted the fur-covered bat wedged between the bag of Rice Krispies and the box – and said she and her family had been offered vouchers for more cereal as compensation.

Disgusting Objects You Never Want To See In food


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