Disney Princesses Who Didn’t Need A Prince For Their Happily Ever After!


As a 90’s kid I grew up admiring the Disney princesses, Cinderella was my prime time favorite(mind you folks, was!). The conception of an ideal fairytale goes somewhat like this: Find a Prince, fall in love, live happily ever after!

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But pause for a moment girls, Is that all? Hell no! There are some Disney princesses who taught us that we don’t always need a Prince to save us. You can make your own happily ever after even without a Prince Charming!

Here are 10 Disney princesses who didn’t need a prince for their happily ever after!

1. Merida, “Brave”.

The movie begins with a princess who was forced for marriage for the welfare of the kingdom(same old tale!). But as the movie progresses we see a different tale altogether. Merida is not at all the damsel in distress who has no say in what happens to her life next and is more concerned about her curls being in place. She is a total rebel, she knows how to voice her opinion despite of people saying otherwise. We all thought that she’d finally fall in love with a handsome prince who would change her mind and marry him, instead what happened indeed  left us all awed(me in tears). Though she turns her mom into a bear(not so cool Merida!) but she finally bonds with her mother. She makes everyone understand that we should accept one as they are instead of trying to change them!

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2. Belle, “Beauty And The Beast.”

Belle is definitely one of the feminists who isn’t one bit afraid of being who she is. Despite of the villagers looking down upon her for being the most educated and intelligent girl in the village, she doesn’t give a damn. She loathes a misogynist and hence and she’s quick to kick the creepy Gaston quite literally out the door. Belle values intelligence and creativity, and expects those around her to share her values. To make us like her even more, she handles a BEAST! She handles all his male demeanor and finally makes him fall in love with her stubborn sass quality.

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3. Tiana, “The Princess And The Frog.”

Love story, Yes. Damsel in distress? Not at all. Tiana is a kickass independant business owner, who dreams of having her own restaurant. She is passionate about her work and achieves economic independence. She is all a modern day girl wishes to be.

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