Disney Princesses Shown As Super Hot Modern Day Girls


4. Pocahontas the Linguist

Disney princesses, modern


Pocahontas, with her love of languages and her heritage, works part time as a translator while studying Linguistics in college. Her dream is to work as cultural advisor in the film industry.

5. Esmeralda the Ballet Dancer

Disney princesses, modern                                  Via

As a child, Esmeralda has arrived in France as a refugee, but she has come a long way since then. She is the leading dancer at a prestigious ballet company in Paris and has worked hard to get there despite the prejudice she faced along the way.

6. Mulan the Cadet

Disney princesses, modern                                  Via

Mulan, hoping to follow her father’s footsteps, joined the military school with the help of her gym trainer, she secretly disguised herself as a man and enrolled. Of course, she was eventually discovered, but Mulan had proven herself to be an excellent cadet which led to the school opening its doors to female students the following year. Her father was proud, to say the least.


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