Disturbing Illustrations That Shows How Technology Has Enslaved Us


The bitter truth of modern society is that it is tainted with the dark side of technology. While on one hand technology has made connecting with our friends and family, staying updated and our lives in general quite easy, on other hand it has also engulfed us as whole.

Illustrators Steve Cutts and John Holcroft have given a shady twist to modern day amenities and showed our over dependency on technology and addiction to social media through their dark illustrations.

Undoubtedly social networking is a real addiction.Be it unattainable beauty standards or body image, the thirst for acceptance or showcasing fictious social status, depression or life expectations – Social Media has ruined our society with its unreal standards.

Further the modern day society also carries a monotonous mindset. Our lives are either insanely fast paced or outrageously mundane. People don’t enjoy life anymore, instead they are just going through the motions of it like some trapped individuals or more accurately speaking, like some robot.

The illustrations below exposes the bitter truth of modern society and shows how deep our addiction rans. While Holcroft has got a 1950s touch to his artwork, Steve’s illustrations are inspired from 1930s and 1940s.

The Engulfing Web Of Internet


For How Long You Can Put Your Phone Down?

All That Hardwork – Just For Few Likes

Gone Are Days When Motherhood Was Treated As a Blessing And Not Some Trap

Not Tweeting On Daily Basis Can Make You Feel Sick


It’s Jump Off The Cliff Challenge

The Viscous Greed To Earn More Will Never Suffice Itself

Technology Has Made Our Life So Easy – No Need To Move Even A Bit

Like Success Doesn’t Counts If It Doesn’t Have A Social Media Validation

We Are All Slaves Of Technology – Leaving The Phone Behind Even For A Minor Second Is Next To Impossible

Image Credits: Steve Cutts and John Holcroft


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