Divorce Is Better Than A Bad Marriage And Here’s Why.


Getting a divorce rather than staying in a bad marriage is not a shameful thing to do. Marriage is supposed to be full of love and respect for each other, where the other person actually wants to stay with their other half. Staying married to somebody shouldn’t be at the stake of losing one’s own identity, rather you should be able to embrace your flaws. But society doesn’t really let people who opt for divorce live peacefully. They are usually seen as a home wrecker who is definitely incapable of keeping their spouse happy. Especially when it comes to women, it seems like they should stay in a bad marriage rather than take a divorce!

It is absolutely better to get a divorce than stay in a bad marriage and we’ll tell you exactly why!

1. No more fighting over trivial matters.Bad marriage

Married couples fight, it’s really normal. Okay, maybe that’s to an extent true, but fighting over every other thing, important or not has definitely something cooking up between the two. Nobody would constantly want to ruin their peace of mind without any sign of compromise until they absolutely find the other person intolerable.

2. You’ll devote your energy to your own growth.

Bad marriage

No matter what others say, the fact that your personal space and the energy you devote to yourself decreases a lot. Divorce will help you save your energy and potential for yourself so that you can entirely focus on yourself.

3. You’ll feel genuinely happy.

Bad marriage

When you sense that you’re losing your happiness its time for you to take the matter with a strong hand and file for a divorce. Trust me, you’ll be happier out of the toxic relationship than you were when you were with that person.

4. Your kids will finally be happy and at peace.

Bad marriage

From somebody who grew up watching her parents fight every other day, it is a big relief when you separate, that way you can at least make peace with the fact that they won’t have to witness constant fights and disagreements.

5. Your health will gradually improve.

Bad marriage

An unhealthy marriage can take a serious toll on your health, both physical as well as mental. Getting a divorce can actually help you focus on your health which will surely improve once you decide to work on yourself.

6. Your appearance changes too. 

Staying happy gives a glow to your face when you are happy, you eat healthily, you look fit.

7. You’ll find your true potential and self-worth.

Staying with someone who actually makes us question whether we’re good enough or not actually makes us lose confidence in ourselves. We tend to forget our self-worth and settle for less than what we actually deserve. This definitely changes!

8. You’ll no longer have to prove to your partner that you’re good enough for him.

A bad marriage will require efforts beyond your capability, no matter what you do, it is never going to be enough and hence, getting out of it as soon as possible will do good for your mental health.

9. A divorce may be equivalent to a lottery.

Bad marriage

One of the perks of getting a divorce is that the alimony you receive is really beneficial for you in the long run. Studies have confirmed that women who are divorced rarely ever re-marry and are undoubtedly better off in their old age!

10. You’ll maybe find the right one.

You only find better if you realize what you deserve and let go of what constantly hurts you. Marriage puts you in a certain place where the majority of people don’t feel its right to feel something for somebody other than their spouse even if they are suffering in the relationship.


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