Dos and Don’ts of Pregnancy You Should Follow While Sleeping


During Pregnancy there comes a lot of changes in the female body. The changes are so different that it interferes with almost everything in your life, especially Sleep, and you need to cope up with it. Did you know that 78% women experience disturbed sleep during Pregnancy? Pregnancy is a critical time and you must follow the Dos and Don’ts of pregnancy.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts of pregnancy you should follow while Sleeping.


1. Sleep on the left side

The Best position to sleep during pregnancy is the left side. It enables proper blood supply to the baby. It ensures the baby’s good heart health. It also makes your heart’s job easier because it keeps the baby’s weight from applying pressure to the large vein (called the inferior vena cava).

do's and dont's of pregnancy

2. Use Maternity Pillows

Maternity Pillows are specially designed pillows for Pregnancy. They actually provide you comfort while sleeping. They also lift and rest the adequate body parts, it adjusts itself according to the mother’s body.

do's and don'ts of pregnancyVia

3. Wear loose clothes before going to bed

This is no fact but still, wear extremely comfortable and loose clothes so that your body can breathe especially the belly part. Tight clothes can cause pain in some parts of the body.

do's and don'ts of pregnancyVia


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