12 Dumbest Things Renowned Celebrities Have Bought


Money can buy happiness, they say. Imagine how would it feel, when a person can be capable enough to buy anything? Every other person wants to live a luxurious life. But there is a list of the dumbest things bought by some famous celebrities which we would have thought twice, or maybe thrice, before purchasing. By the way, what do you think they must have bought? A car, a home theatre, a mansion, or a town? If you had these things on your mind, then you have no Idea.

Here are some dumbest things which these renowned celebrities have bought for some silly reasons.

1. A Ghost Detector

The person who bought it was a renowned pop singer-LADY GAGA. She was being frequented by a spirit and spent 50,000$ on this ghost detection machine.

Dumbest things bought by renowned celebrities

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2. Haunted Mansion, Dinosaur skull and more

Nicolas Cage had been one of the highest paid actors, who had bought dumbest expensive things ever. Starting with a haunted mansion, shrunken pygmy heads, an octopus, shark, crocodile and a $276,000 dinosaur skull. He had two albino king cobras, god knows why?

Dumbest things bought by renowned celebritiesImage Source

3. Range Rover 

Miley Cyrus loves her pet dogs a lot. Giving a range rover to her dogs is a bit crazy.

Dumbest things bought by renowned celebrities Image Source 


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