13 Of The Most Mysterious Men Ever Lived On Earth!


5. Adam Rainer

A single man to have made Guinness record of being both a dwarf and tall! He was only 1.18 meters (3’10.5″) at the age of 21 and was two meters (6’9″) tall at the age of 31. He got bedridden at the age of 51 with a height of  2.34 meters (7’8″)!

Mysterious men


6. Satoshi Nakamoto 

The Mysterious men list cannot be complete without this guy! Satoshi Nakamoto was supposed to be the founder of Bitcoin, but he declined it! Satoshi went dark and hasn’t been heard from since 2011. Whoever Nakamoto is, he is believed to control hundreds of millions of dollars in untraceable bitcoins!

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7. Wolf Messing 

Wolf Messing is a self-proclaimed psychic. He has the abilities to predict future outcomes and was also able to alter people’s perception based on their mental telepathy and body language clues! Wolf Messing died in 1974. Since that time, many facts attributed to his life have been questioned and deemed unsubstantiated by historical references—a fact which has only contributed to his mystery!

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