12 Efficacious Ways Which Will Help You To Reduce Stress


Reducing stress in not only good for prudence but also is vital fro improving your physical health. It is highly important to reduce stress as it may escalate to an alarming mark if not looked after. Here are 12 efficacious ways which will help to reduce stress.

1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation Progressive Muscle Relaxation, which is widely used today for reducing stress was originated by Jacobson. It involves applying pressure to certain muscle groups and then wait as the muscle tension goes away. reduce stress

  2. Yoga Yoga, which was developed thousands of years ago, deals with physical postures and breathing exercises and improve muscle strength, blood circulation and oxygen uptake, hormone function as well as overall flexibility. reduce stress   3. Listen to your favourite music Slow, soothing can has a lion’s share in reducing stress. The choice of music may differ from person to person. You must choose the type of music you like and tune into the channel of relaxation. reduce stress   4. Meditation To overcome word-related stress, meditation can be extremely helpful. Meditation has been existing since a long time. Meditation helps in reducing blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia and depression. reduce stress   5. Laughter is the best medicine Laughing off can reduce stress to a great extent. Laughter can soothe tension enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates lungs and muscles. It also improves your mood. reduce stress


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