12 Efficacious Ways Which Will Help You To Reduce Stress


6. Exercise It is necessary to stay physically active. Exercise is important for maintaining mental fitness and helps you to reduce stress. Exercising helps in decreasing the amount of fatigue and improves concentration. Exercising induces endorphins, a chemical in the brain that acts as a natural painkiller. It improves your ability to sleep which in turn helps you to reduce stress. reduce stress


7. Guided Visualisation Guided Visualisation means imagining a peaceful scene which indeed turns out to be extremely helpful in reducing stress. reduce stress   8. Take a nap A short nap has an extremely positive effect on our immune system. Poor, insufficient sleep at night may fail to keep you active throughout the day. However, these bad effects can be outdone with the help of a short nap taken at a random time during the day. reduce stress


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