Most Embarrassing Things That Happened In School


School, by its nature alone, is basically nothing more than a petri dish of humiliation and shame. If you are a human being who has spent time with a group of your peers, you’ve done at least one of those horrifyingly embarrassing things that people are still talking about it.

Anyway, I guess you have to show up to school but to prepare you for the worst, here are the most embarrassing things that can ever happen to you while you’re in school:

1. Calling your teacher “mom”

This is probably the most common school awkward moments. We’ve all been there.

Embarrassing things, school


2. Farting by accident

Okay, we all get farts but we try to hold on as possible right? Because if you let only one fart go your reputation and your name is already destroyed.

Embarrassing things, schoolVia

3. Shouting the wrong answer in confidence

Makes you seem dumb, especially when you have no excuses.

Embarrassing things, schoolVia


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