This Employee Had One Brilliant Excuse For Not Coming To Work!


I’m sure you have had come up with some brilliant excuse for not going to work. But, not every time you can get away with it. Some excuses are way too cliched to be believed, but some are a genius. But, there is another exception to the case, with something happens way beyond any explanation.

So, this employee didn’t have to come up with a brilliant excuse, what happened to him on the way to work was quite a tragedy.

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This guy definitely caught himself in the middle of a “not-coming-to-office” joke. And as usual, his boss didn’t want to believe him. But something happened which eventually led his boss to totally acknowledge his situation and give him off. Well, this man, decided to help his bosses mother on the way to work. No, it is not what you think people!

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brilliant excuse for not coming at work

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He was helping her, with her groceries, and his mother ended up landing the trunk on his head. Talk about being hurt and fucked up! He hit his head pretty bad and was definitely not in a position to make it to his shift that morning.

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But as soon as the story went viral, people were ready with their brilliant puns. And trust me you will laugh your heart out!

Whoa! This is pretty bad stuff.

brilliant excuse for not coming at work

Yeah, seems legit.

brilliant excuse for not coming at work

This makes so much sense. So, get your facts straight niggas!

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brilliant excuse for not coming at work

Hahaha, yeah she definitely did.

brilliant excuse for not coming at work

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Others had some pretty intriguing stories as well and decided to share.

God, what is with these ladies!

brilliant excuse for not coming at work

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Well, well, now that’s a story!

brilliant excuse for not coming at work


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