10 Epic Replies From Ex Prove That You Should Never Text Your Ex!


There’s a strange feeling that sometimes comes to us when we’re reaching out to someone, this feeling of acute embarrassment. “Are we bothering them?” we ask ourselves, and almost wanting to apologize for even sending a message in the first place. It’s as though our very presence in their lives is a nuisance, and our efforts to connect as friends or lovers is one that only complicates things for them. We want to say, “I’m sorry that I want to talk to you, it’s weird and I should probably stop.” But sometimes, the replies from ex you get teaches you a lot.

There are few things more painful than feeling like you’re constantly going out of your way for someone who is, at best, mildly amused by your affection. It’s hard to explain the feeling of disappointment exactly, but it’s mostly directed towards yourself. You can tell when you send them a good morning text message, or mail them a gift, or take the time to do something for them that you know they’ll barely appreciate — this isn’t going to be reciprocated. This isn’t going to be really appreciated. Hell, it may not even be noticed. But you can’t stop yourself.
Breaking up is never easy, but it’s extra hard when you’re the one being dumped. Even when the end of a relationship is messy or painful, there are some things you should always avoid when she breaks up with you. Do you tend to receive annoying text messages from your ex? Or do you send them? Either or, these replies from ex are so harsh that it is so funny. These will make you think twice on how to respond or how about, don’t send them in the first place
Have you ever been so drunk that you text the guy you just broke up with?
Do you feel like you need to talk to her and get things back in place?
Drop down your ammunition’s as in the urge to ping and if you have ever been tempted to text your ex, go through these hilarious responses before you press that “SEND” button.
Breaking up is hard to do. There’s that feeling of loneliness that creeps up on you from time to time. Before you know it you’re texting or calling him or her. It’s almost never a good idea especially if things ended on bad terms.

Here are 10 perfect replies from ex  which will teach you to never text them!

1. You see I don’t know you anymore!

replies from ex

2. Oh yes, that means you can take a bye in return.

replies from ex


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