How To Escape FRIENDZONE- From Friend to Girlfriend or Boyfriend


How to escape friendzone?

Friend-zoned by a girl or guy you like? Afraid you might lose him/her if you express??
In this busy world, barely a person gets time to feel what they actually feel.
Let me tell you, expressing is not the one which always works. You’ll have to make them realize your feelings.

So if you want to escape friendzone, try out these handy things:

1-Make sure they’re not already in a relationship-

The first and foremost thing you’ll have to check out is that the person is single, In case they are not single go for – Can you ask him/her to breakup with their respective mates instead of  wondering that you’ve been friend-zoned. In case they are Single, bravo you got the first green signal.



2- Find if  (s)he’s actually “saving you” rather than “friend-zoning”-

Well this works mostly in case of girls. They have a tendency to stash away the guy for the “Rainy Day” –  something i observed is -she keeps the guy in her safe who is good-looking, successful and nice to keep him all for herself and won’t introduce him to her friends. If this is the case – congrats!!! she already thinks you are eligible for great, long time commitment.

— Though if neither the above-specified cases suit you then you are definitely friend-zoned.




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