The Most Evil Villains Who Created History By Living Life King Size!


6. Kim Jong II

Kim Jong II sure knows how to put up a false face in front of the world, Why do I say this? keep reading on. While there was widespread famine across the country, the Korean leader put on a facade that North Korea was a prosperous country, which most everyone knew was an outright lie. But the US government were not fooled too easily, they ultimately found out that his expenses was outright lavish. Having a net worth of $5 billion this villain was spending $300 million per year on luxury items alone. Some of the oddest write offs in the Kim Jong II ledgers were caviar from Uzbekistan and pork flown in from Denmark. There was also case after case of Cognac shipped to Kim while North Koreans struggled to make their own rice beer.

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7. Leopold II

What’s history without kings? So here is King Leopold II of Belgium, who was a king and a villain at the same time. He was on the throne for 44 years, obviously not because everybody loved him. But because nobody could do much about it. So needless to say that he was the member of the rich villains club, he was looking for ways to make more money when his villainous brains set up an idea. Leopold II ordered that Congo be set free to improve the lives of people in the African nation. However, corruption quickly overtook the land at the hands of Leopold, and his mercenary forces made him a ton of money. At the expense of those who were already very poor, Leopold II made himself very rich so that he could continue living his lavish lifestyle.

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8. Muammar Gaddafi

I have done good and I have done bad, does that make me a villain? I’m sure Gaddafi might’ve had this question at least once in his head. History puts him down as one of the revolutionaries in his country Libya. and later became a politician who rose to the highest of powers as the Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution of Libya. It turns out that Gaddafi was one of the richest people of all time with over $200 billion in assets.

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