The Evolution Of Relationship Over Time. These Are The Stages Every Relationship Goes Through.


10. The fall

Once communication gap takes place in a relationship, it can be a major destroyer for your relationship. Deeply dissatisfied couples often fight for reasons they don’t understand, have affairs, break up and get back together, have nervous breakdowns, and ultimately, either break-up or stay together for their entire lives.

evolution of a relationship

11. Reconciliation- working through

In this stage, you’ll focus on giving your relationship another chance. You’ll be more accepting and tolerant of each other and feel more committed. You’ see your differences as strengths and not as your weakness.

evolution of a relationship

12. The rest of your life

In the final stage, you both feel fully accepted by each other as you have reached a comfortable balance between being together. If you find yourself struggling with one of these transitions, remind yourself that it’s just another step on your journey to the final stage. The mutual respect, support, and love are very powerful at this stage.

But not all couples will feel this way. Provided nothing traumatic happens, you will be mostly satisfied for the rest of your life. If you need to end your relationship, you will or remain together until death.

evolution of a relationship

Evolution of a relationship is a long term process but we all have to go through it one day. I wish you get all the love and support from your partner till death. Do you think this evolution of a relationship appropriately describe the changes we all go through? Let us know in the comment down below.


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