When Expectations And Reality Clash: 20 Hilariously Adorable Baby Photo Shoot Fails


The internet is brimming with adorable photo shoot of babies, cute to the point of perfection, with them giving such heart-winning poses, that they win are heart at the first glance. And when parents see these cute pics of their baby, they feel compelled to re-enact these moments with their child. But alas, not all that looks easy is actually so.

These hilariously adorable baby photo shoot fails are even cuter than the expected perfection, see for yourself:

1. And we DO NOT like these alphabets, we’re gonna protest together!baby photo shoot


2. Did you expect me to fit into that! See how I troll your perfect baby photo shoot nowbaby photo shoot


3. You want a perfect angel look, no way, I never got that extra spoon of cream when I asked for itbaby photo shoot


4. Why are they kissing me at the same? Oh no, a camera man!baby photo shoot



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