Express Your Love In These Meaningful Ways For A Healthy Relationship


Maintaining a loving relationship requires efforts and endeavors from both the partners. It is important that you make your significant other feel loved through gestures and acts that they will surely appreciate. A little extra effort in expressing the love can go a long way in making your relationship stronger.

Need help? Below are some of the ways through which you can sweep your partner off their feet

Understand Their Needs

We are all differently wired. Understanding the fact that your expression of love can be different from your partners’ is what maturity is all about. Know what they their desire and deliver accordingly.

Words of Love

Compliments makes us feel positive. Don’t limit your declaration of love to just I love you’s. Be more articulate in praising your partner and your relationship.

Quality Time

Whenever you converse with your partner, give your undivided attention. Put down your phone and just talk and listen to each other.

Gifts of Love

From simple flowers and chocolates to pricy jewels and accessories – gifts can be anything. Gifts makes us feel cherished, so it is important to gift something to each other from time to time.

Acts of Love

Help your partner in the kitchen, in making dinner or looking after the kid or by taking care of the pets. Equality in a relationship goes a long way in ensuring longevity.

Verbalize Your Thoughts

Sharing is caring. Sharing your thoughts and fears with your partners make them feel the trust you put in them.

Show Affection

Some partners need more affection then others, so never hesitate from being affectionate with them.

Express Gratitude

Never forget to be thankful. When your partner does son nice or puts some extra effort in your relationship, always thank them.

Spend Time Alone

It is important to take some time away from the busy schedule for some one-on-one time with your partner.

Physical Touch

Don’t limit the physical aspect of your relationship to just bedrooms. Hold hands, give affection, hug each other out – all these small things are the easiest ways of expressing love.


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