15 People Who Took Extreme Measures To Look Like The Perfect Barbie Doll


The obsession of looking like a Barbie doll is just not realistic as a woman would have to have the curves of an anorexic teen to mirror the doll. Barbie’s measurements would be 38-18-34 if she was real. Many have the obsession to look like a doll and to become the ultimate Barbie, but it is probably not possible without cosmetic alteration. In 2010, reality star Heidi Montag underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures at the tender age of 23.

A surgery loving human Barbie doll had six ribs removed to get the perfect barbie doll figure, Former electrician Pixee Fox had already spent more than £80,000 on plastic surgery alone attempting to sculpt the perfect hourglass figure. But now she has taken her obsession even further by having her lower ribs removed – so she can shrink her waist to a record-breaking 14 inches.



There are more people obsessed with getting the barbie doll figure.

1. Lhouraii Li
23 year old Lhouraii Li from Bradford is a nail technician. Lhouraii is now fully obsessed with the doll lifestyle that she cannot be seen without it. She wears 14 layers of fake eyelashes and circle lenses that make her eyes appear larger. She went ahead and shaved her eyebrows, drawing them a bit higher so as to accommodate her doll eyes. She has a youtube channel by the name LIGYARU



2. Jenny lee
she had undergone 26 procedures among them liposuction and lip implants because of her plastic surgery addiction.Jenny Lee had gone under the knife 33 more times before turning 30.



3. Blondie Bennett
The 38-year-old has dedicated her life to transforming her body into an actual doll. She went ahead and took a step higher by attending weekly hypnotherapy sessions that claim to plunge her into a deep relaxed state, unlocking her unconscious mind.
She started her obsession at eighteen after being employed in a toy store to act as a Barbie lookalike salesperson.




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