15 People Who Took Extreme Measures To Look Like The Perfect Barbie Doll


13. Dakota Rose
Also known as Kota Koti, she offers tutorials on beauty and fashion to her fans. Her sense of style that mimics a Japanese anime character has seen millions of young women worldwide view her as their fashion icon.She dismisses all claims of surgery adding she only uses makeup such as circle lenses and tinted moisturizer to get her doll look.

13-dakota-rose barbie


14. Anastasiya Shpagina
Ukrainian teenager Anastasiya Shpagina has grown popular for her anime features, including large eyes, maroon dyed hair, a tiny waist and small pout. She goes by a Japanese name, Fukkacumi on social media.



15. Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova
Apart from her Barbie features, i.e. large blue eyes, an extremely tiny waist and long legs. Valeria even undergoes hydrotherapy and is allegedly 60% Barbie. Valeria is currently working on a food free diet where she will only be relying on solar energy for survival. She claims to have not had any procedures.

human barbie



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