Facts About Men’s Psychology Every Woman Should Know About


Men’s psychology varies over his lifetime. From teenage to adulthood to being an adult in the agony of the practical world, there is a tremendous change in their psychology. Women need to be aware of these so that they can carefully avoid the situations in a relationship that may arise out of giving short shrift to men’s psychology.

Women need to know that in general –

1. Men tend to settle down after a certain age although they are mostly in the mood of flirting with other girls till they are younger than 30.

2. Men are attuned to competing with others for mates and status from ancient times. However, they emphasize on cooperation and bonding as they mature.

3. Men are ashamed of exhibiting any sign of weakness. There are women who ask men to open up thinking that it will never happen. However, they really become surprised when men start to open up.

4. On coming to know that something is bothering you, the first reaction of your male friend is to try to fix it so that you feel better and he scores all the points in your heart.

5. If your boyfriend is telling you to let him stay alone for a day, he may not be doing it to avoid you. Sometimes, men just love to stay alone.

6. Men are known to defend their turf with ferocity. They are very likely to become violent if there is a threat to their territory or love life.

7. Men are really programmed to check out women. They just can’t take their eyes off some women. However, once out of sight they may just forget those women.

8. Men are programmed to fixing a problem than showing solidarity.

9. Men are not programmed to reach out to others like women and this exacerbates their loneliness, especially at old age.

10. Contrary to what women tend to believe, men are not always thinking about getting intimate.


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