14 Facts That You Should Certainly Know About ‘La La Land’.

  • Five years in the making.

Damien Chazelle came up with the idea of La La Land when he was studying at Harvard University along with his classmate JustinHurwitz who is the composer of the film. Studios weren’t ready to produce a musical film that revolved around Jazz. Another one such studio wanted Sebastian to play a rock musician. Unhappy with the outcome, Chazelle dropped the idea. It was after the success of Whiplash (2014) that Summit Entertainment finally agreed to this project.

Facts that you should know about 'La La Land'.


  • Ryan and Emma Stone were not the first choices.

In beginning, it was Miles Teller and Emma Watson to star. Miles was dropped in the favor of Gosling while Watson dropped out to pursue other projects.

Facts that you should know about 'La La Land'. Via

  • The record for the most number of Awards and Nominations.

Film hold the record for winning the most number of ‘Golden Globes’ i.e., Seven in total. It also shares the record of 14 Oscar nominations with ‘Titanic’ and ‘All about eve’.

Facts that you should know about 'La La Land'. Via 


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