14 Facts That You Should Certainly Know About ‘La La Land’.

  • Rich and vibrant color palette. 

The film was scanned into ARRISCAN 6K system and was converted to digital for further color grading. Linus Sandgren (Cinematographer) and Chazelle agreed over the fact that camera should be like a musical instrument to have a proper rhythm.

Facts that you should know about 'La La Land'.


  • Film’s opening dance number was itself a challenge.

Sandgren had to overcome a large number of obstacles to shoot the opening dance number. Elevation of the ramp made it much trickier. Steadicam and Technocrane could not be used due to lack of free space and the crane shadows respectively. They finally had to split this slingshot into different shots and mask the cut in a whip pan. They also had to shut down an E-Z pass over ramp for Saturday and Sunday during August 2015.

Facts that you should know about 'La La Land'. Via

  • “When I wake” was first featured in ‘Whiplash’.

In both the films, two characters are discussing Jazz while the song plays in the background.

Facts that you should know about 'La La Land'. Via 


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